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Event for PIO path change

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2 hours ago, JBenghiat said:

vsoStateGetExitGroup should do it, even if reshaped with the tool. 


FUNCTION   vsoStateGetExitGroup( hObj:HANDLE;  VAR outGrpType:LONGINT) :BOOLEAN 


Super, but given the documentation state of "vsoStateGet..." functions in the Function Reference, what do I pass in the "outGrpType"?  And, is the function only true when the path object is changed?


Some things just wouldn't happen without you Josh.

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The constants are documented: https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:vsoStateGetExitGroup


though you don’t pass a value, the function returns a value to tell you what group was edited. 

You only get a notification that the path group was entered and exited, not whether there was an actual change. There also a reshape state change, but I think that will not be true for a path group change. 

But as you are really just interested in the end point changing coordinates, you may just want to keep it simple and just always check if the end value is the same as the stored comparison value. I think the overhead in processing states and comparing the values is about the same. 

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