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Martijn Wingelaar

Less or equal in marrionette

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Hello Users.

Can someone help me with a small problem.

I'm trying to make a a connection between 1 and 2.

Where if the outcome is smaller or equal to let's say is 0,5.

It will show a a zero in my WS1 worksheet column E.

Can't get it to work.

Should be quit straight forward i think.

Any ideas?


Greetings Martijn


Schermafbeelding 2020-07-04 om 19.01.30.png

WORKSHEET 4_ v2020.vwx

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Posted (edited)

don't change the epsilon value in the "Less Node" (its only the computational accuracy)

in your file i added a simple example, how to use the "less node"

greatings M. Graf  WORKSHEET 4_ v2020_MG.vwx

Edited by m.graf

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Hello Martijn Wingelaar,


don't know why - but the (old?) "get subrow cell value" node creates "string" output, then equal or less equal can't work 🙂

i added the normal "get Cell Value" and it works... 


You can test your Scripts with the debug Mode... the red "bug" button





Marionette Worksheet File-MG.vwx


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@m.graf All data in VW records (and therefore most of the data in worksheets) is actually stored as strings. If a worksheet cell is formatted as a number then the conversion happens behind the scenes and you can do math.


The description for GetSubrowValue says that it returns the "Display Value" of the cell. Based on what I know, that tells me that is it intended to return a string since that is the way it is displaying the data. And it will probably return a string that includes any cell formatting that has been applied.


I would expect Marionette to have a String 2 Number node, but I could not find it.

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Posted (edited)

@Pat Stanford,

the get cell value node from VW 2020 returns value not string, but Martijn Wingelaars old Node (from VW2015 or Forum?) returns string. I only added the new node in his script and it works. 

greatings M.Graf   


Bildschirmfoto 2020-07-11 um 09.51.06.png897000357_Bildschirmfoto2020-07-11um09_50_22.thumb.png.69098c41d5ce36f6c89849c2c9aafc6d.png

Edited by m.graf

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the real problem:


the cell value in the old "get cell value node" is a string with "comma" like  "1,23"

the "float node" only converts strings with Dezimalpoints like "1.23" to numbers

But the script stops at the first node with the error message,  so it is difficult for the user to find the error. 


greatings M.Graf





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Hello Guys.

Sorry for the late responce.

But I was on a small holiday.  🤘😀🤘

But i'm gonna look into the files and options.

I hope i get it working.

Fingers crosed.


Greetings M Wingelaar

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