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Its that time a year again - in the market for a new laptop.  17" is preferable.  I am moving away from the need for it to be super thin or portable - but need something more portable than a desktop to move between work, home, and to bring on working holidays.  


AMD seems to have made a splash, but not seeing too many units with that available yet.  I am continually interested in how much power I really need.  I have been really interested in lower purchase prices with more frequent upgrades (against the green initiative of the firm), but I find that these laptops have a hard time making it to the 3 to 4 years.   If I can keep the purchase to under 2K we can replace every 2 years rather than 2600 that we need to keep for a 3.


Anyway - any (PC / WINDOWS) recommendations wooed be amazing.   



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