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Hi team, I need to create a water bottle design for a client but am struggling to create the desired bevel / indent design. I can create the bottle easily using the sweep tool but cant seem to get the bevel / indent correctly. Do I need to create the bottle and than somehow overlay the bevel design. Its the darn V drop i'm struggling with ūüėě



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This type of semi-freeform objects are not really VW strong point.


A couple of ideas.

1. If it is easier to make a "positive" of the shape (like the inside of a mold) you could create that shape and then do a solid subtraction to get the final shape.


2. You may need to bite the bullet and learn about Subdivision Surfaces and create the bottle that way. If the bottle is symmetric, you can automatically have the subdivision create the matching second half as you create one half.


Good luck. HTH.

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Posted (edited)

@Robyn SA welcome to the forum!
here is a rough idea. may need some refining:

1. Solid subtraction can work, but NURBS loft will be required. 

2.  Model the plain bottle, slice it in half to create a front and back side. probably best to store them on separate layers. 

3. ¬†in front view screen plane draw¬†3¬†cutting surfaces, probably extrudes of 3 rounded ‚ÄúV‚ÄĚ shapes:

      the low swoop, the high swoop and a middle one which represents the deepest intrusion. 

4.  duplicate the bottle front half and Solid Intersect it with the 3 surfaces. or use the Project tool with the. sourcecurves instrad of the surfaces.  result either way is 3 NURBS Curves.

5. low and high swoop curves rest on bottle surface and need no edits. middle curve - duplicate and  edit to move vertices to represent deepest part of the intrusion (pain in the neck, but the orig will help you orient the edits. 

6.  loft the three curves, rail mode -Edit: oops, i meant Ruled option in the Loft Surface dialog -  and apply Fillet Edge (variable if needed) to smooth the deep part.

7.  Solid subtract the swoop shape from the bottle half.

8.  Fillet Edge at intersection of the bottle and the swoop volume. 

9. if front and back bottle are same, mirror the front and Add Solids. if front/back are different, create appropriate v swoops and intersect or project to a dupe of the back side and repeat steps above. add the front and back bottles 


Note: your choice, but I like to duplicate source objects so I have easy access when needed, and some vwx modeling processes destroy the sources. dupes can be placed in separate layers and/or deleted later.


post back with questions! 



Edited by Benson Shaw
details. gotta try this myself when time allows
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This is a very rough bottle test made with solid subtractions and assembled and shelled. Unfortunately the Chamfer tool only does 45 degrees and is not variable. I think something could be done with a lot of tests. May be an angled shape extruded along a path would work better than the  the Chamfer tool. Doing it this way you can edit the shape to change the  position and size of there cut. Using the Subdivision tool is a possible way also but you can't go back and edit shapes you don't like. Would be good to publish some parameters for the bottle size.

sculpted bottle test.png

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Just for fun. One more try with an extrude along a path subtracted from bottle shape. you can vary both shapes as you would like to get the shapes you like.


bottle test 3.jpg

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Excellent job.  I often recommend that users think about what is easier to model, the positive or the negative version of a feature and then use AddSolids or Subtract Solids as necessary to get the desired final result.

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