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Adding Record Format Pop-up Fields

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Good morning.


I'm trying to create a record format containing pop-up fields using Vectorscript and have yet to be successful.  The appendix contains a section "Record - Worksheet Field Types" which does not contain popup menus as well as a "Plug-in Object Parameter Record Field Types" section which lists Text - Popup Menu Item with a selector of 8 (the same as Number - Fractional in the other list).


If I try building a record format through the Resource Manager and reverse engineering it with GetFldType, a popup field returns a value of 8, but so does a Number - Fractional value.


Is this something that just isn't possible with Vectorscript?

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Good morning, @Pat Stanford .

   Yes. You, me, and _c_, (and Tui). I just reread the thread and at the end I wrote that it works in VW 2020, but not in earlier VW versions. Also, you cannot export a VW 2020 file back to earlier versions with a popup field defined. Well, you can, but the popup field type will not work anymore.


   So, @Jesse Cogswell , the question to you is, "What version of VW are you using?"




PS - Thanks for the memory jog, Pat. I'd almost forgotten about that issue.

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Good morning and thank you for the reply @MullinRJ ,


I currently use VW 2019 for script development (since it's the version I'm happiest with) and 2020 for testing.  In 2019, I can add a popup field to a record format with no problem using the Resource Manager, same for 2020 and as far back as 2018 (earliest version I have installed).  The issue I am having is that there seems no way to build a record with a popup field strictly through scripting, in 2019 or 2020.


I have a plug-in that wants to reference a symbol, so the easiest way is to attach a record to that symbol.  But, that record will need to exist within the drawing, so I was hoping to be able to create it from scratch as part of the plug-in's code when it is needed.  The plug-in has a couple of different types, so it would be great if the type could be assigned to the symbol using a popup field to decrease the chance of user-error.


At the end of the day, it's really not a problem for me to use a text field for this, which is ultimately what I am going to end up doing.  Especially because it will allow for backwards compatibility for earlier versions of Vectorworks.



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