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3D thumbnail not available in plant tool viewer

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Hi all,


When placing plants, I'd like to be able to see a thumbnail of the 3D view of the plant, but it seems that it isn't available for some reason. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.


If I select plant tool, then go to 'plant style' along the top bar to select a different plant, it opens something which looks a bit like the resource browser (but isn't, its the plant style library).  I can see icons of various plants. If I click on one the enlarged 2D image appears in the top right thumbnail quick-viewer. There are greyed out options buttons for the other viewing options, but they can't be selected. Is this normal?  It seems the only way to see the 3D image is to actually place the plant in the plan, or to separately go to resource browser and select a different view there (which is time consuming when you want to browse through plants to find something that looks a certain way)


Screen shot below of what I see.  These plants do definitely have a 3D texture, so I don't know why they can't be seen in the viewer.

Plant tool no 3D view.png

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13 minutes ago, bgoff said:

The thumbnail is only avail if the plant is in the working file. Import to your document and you can see it in the Resource Manager.

Thanks for the quick reply. I checked that out and it does work, a couple more questions to follow on:


Is there a way to import ALL plants into a working document so that I can quickly flick through to find something nice looking?


Is there a way to set the side view as default in the viewer? otherwise I'm having to individually click the house symbol one at a time to change the view which is again rather tiresome.

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