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Holly CRASH Batman

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I'm a recent convert to Spotlight 12 from ACAD, and I love the features so far however, Vectorworks Spotlight 12 seems to freeze or completely lock up my computer every 90 minutes or so. I haven't had ACAD crash on me since its V12. Do I just need to get use to this or is it not jiving with my system well?

I'm running a

Dell Inspiron 8600 w/1.3GHz and 512 MB RAM and XP Professional

Is it something silly like disable my antivirus program or does vectorworks not like Centrino procesors?


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You might want to consider increasing the RAM installed to 1GB if you can. VW12 has a pretty high overhead. Also make sure you have all the latest graphics drivers installed, and don't run too many other apps at the same time.

I can run VW12 all day on a Dell M60 with no crashes.

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I suggest you go to the Dell website and make sure everything is up to date, especially the video display adapter.

I agree with others, limiting the number of other applications will allow you to run more stable with VectorWorks.

Are there any specific tasks that seem to "freeze" or "crash"? When you crash, do you get an error message?

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Thanks for your comments.

My computer is up to date, I've upgraded my ram to 1.25 gigs, and I've closed all other applications, but the crashes contintue.

I've isolated the actions during the crashes; 9 out of 10 of the of them happen while moving Lighting Fixtures. I don't get an error message, usually the sandglass comes up and doesn't go away. After a couple minutes I'll hit control-alt-delete and it'll tell me Vectorworks isn't responding, and every 5th crash or so it'll lock up my entire computer and I'll be forced to do a hard reboot.


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You may want to try to copy the whole file to a new document to see if the problem persists. There may be a corrupted/bad object in the drawing somewhere, usually eliminated when copied and pasted.

The other suggestion is to wait and see if you ever get VW back rather than forcing a close through the task manager. This is not ideal for your file, application or computer and can lead to greater problems down the road.

Is the problem happening in all of your files or just this file? Are there any other people in your office experiencing this problem?

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I'm working on VW 11.5 with plenty of RAM and lately its started locking up, frequently, especially when edititing a polyline. I seem to be able to draw for hours so long as I dont use this operation. Its a HUGE waste of time. It has happened on more than one file so its not document specific. It gets so I have to save every couple of moves. There is no error message. Every so often it will freeze the whole machine. And no, it doesnt come right, no matter how long I wait. It also happens with no other applications running. Its an expensive problem and I want it to go away. What do I do? Re-install VW?

Phil T

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First off, I?d like to thank everyone for their suggestions. All of my computer drivers are up to date, I?ve upped my Ram to 1.25 gigs, closed all other applications and the crashes or freezes (whatever you want to call them) continue. It isn?t in an isolated file or any particular command. The only thing Vectorworks is doing consistently for me is freezing up in less than 10 minutes.

This was a fun experiment buying Vectorworks, it seems to have a lot of neat abilities that Acad is surely lacking, but the most important one however, would be running without incident which it isn?t doing for me. In fact it is completely useless to me in its current state. Can I get my money back now so I can buy the newest version of Autocad?

David Meagher

I?m Running:

Vectorwork Spotlight 12

Windows XP Professional (its up to date)

Dell Inspiron 8600

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How long do you wait after you try to move a light fixture?

Can you send one of the files demonstrating this behavior to tech@nemetschek.net, please?

Please point out which item is "crashing" for you.

[ 03-09-2006, 11:14 AM: Message edited by: Katie ]

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David -

Any progress with this problem or have you reverted to AutoCAD? Interestingly, I have the exact same computer as you : Dell Inspiron 8600 w/Windows XP SP2 512MB of Ram. I wasn't able to update my windows to service pack 2 so I recently reformatted my hard drive + upgraded to SP2, ever since then my VW 11.5.1 has been crashing inexplicably with no error message. Is it a conflict with SP2 ? Does anyone else have this problem? Laura B.

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