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Starting with Enscape

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Thanks R,


This definitely shows a bug with my end somewhere.


The video says load the third party plugins. No problem there. I get the Enscape menu and when I click on the Enscape button, I get the three mode options in the mode bar.


However, when I click the Enscape button, the video shows Enscape loading. On my VW I get the message above.


This is where I stop, even though I have this 3D object selected. Where do I go from here?





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I have no idea (since I’m on MacOS and can’t use Enscape), but as a complete guess:

  1. Before you try to start Enscape from the tool bar, maybe try with Vw being in a Perspective view (Narrow, Normal, or Wide)? As you noted that you’re in an Isometric view, perhaps Enscape doesn’t work with that type of projection. 
  2. That and maybe try with nothing selected.
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It's the graphics card on the motherboard on my Acer laptop.


Even though VW2020 works fantastically, Enscape advised me that they only support the popular graphics cards.


No problem, I'll just have to check out Enscape at work with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070

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