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There is a ramp tool in vw architect but it’s fairly basic and probably not useful for what you want.


I would suggest for the 3D you just model it using simple extrudes. Handrails can also be done in simple extrudes or with the extrude along a path tool.

The only thing is that extrudes have no fill in top plan view so you would also need to draw it in 2d, but it seems you already seem to have the 2d drawn. If you put all the 2d stuff on the screen plane then select that along with all your 3D then turn it all into a Hybrid 2d/3D symbol the 3D portion will only be visible in 3D views and the 2d only visible in top plan view.


This is how I deal with ramps with vw.



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I agree that many of the 3D tools are not up to scratch (don’t get me started on the stair tool...). However don’t be too put off, vw can very powerful. One of the things about it is that there are often many different ways to do the same or very similar things, so there will usually be a way that suits how you want to work. It can just take some practice to find your way....


If you do a lot of exterior work maybe the vw landscape wld be a better fit for you? It will have better pios for exterior work.

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