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VW Education 2017 bugs



Hello Forum,


I'm relatively new to VW and sadly encountering a tonne of problems learning this program. First and foremost I'd like to find out whether VW Education has any known recurring issues, such as crashing when importing images, not applying textures, changing appearance or any blocked tools/applications or being really quite inconsistent.


I'm trying to apply textures to my walls and there seem to be a handful of problems with that. One of them is that I can't apply a texture through the attributes window but need to go through the object info. Also, I don't seem to be able to figure out how to apply a texture to only one wall, like wallpaper. VW seems to be totally incoherent in its response, sometimes applying the texture, sometimes using some random solid colour instead, somtimes not applying it at all.


Another thing that just don't seem to work is importing a sketchup model. When importing it, the progress bar appears but no model is visible afterwards.


After having all these problems, I started thinking, is the problem the version of VW that I have, maybe?


I would also like to know more about lighting a 3d model in VW. Are there any useful tutorials available online?


Thanks a million

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To the best of knowledge, the Educational version is exactly the same as the regular version, except for issues like watermarking the sheet layers.


Walls are more complicated than they appear.  Textures can either be applied by wall component or just by the wall object.  Look in the render tab in the OIP of a wall.  Set it to render by object and then choose which side to apply each texture to.  (Left, right, top, etc.)


It's probable that using 2017 is causing issues.  Especially if you are using a Mac.  I don't think 2017 will run very well on the current Mac OS.  Check here for System Requirements.  If you are importing a sketchup model created in a sketchup version newer than the version of Vectorworks you are using, it won't work.  


There is a TON of training videos.  Check out Vectorworks University.

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Thanks very much Michael. I'm currently using Mohave, which is an older operating system. That shouldn't cause problems really. I also updated Vectorworks but it is crashing a lot. Would be good to know if there is any improvement at some point.


The tutorials are a good start.

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