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Vectorworks cloud share sync

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I was wondering if it is possible at the moment to get vectorworks cloud to sync with multiple user ? (Similar to what dropbox client does)


I have been researching a lot about it, its either can not be done or I couldn't find where it saids how to.

Primarily what we need is be able to share & update a couple of key library files where most user will simply reference from. So ideally the file should be able to sync across multiple user's local folder.


Currently all the files from the project is stored on Google Drive, we could probably install backup and sync, then sync the whole folder. I think this is what we try to avoid but if there is no other option we might have to, and sadly we don't have any NAS either..


Many thanks


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With a NAS, you could simply set the shared library folder as a workgroup folder. However, since the libraries can easily contain large amounts of data, and Vectorworks needs to check all libraries for changes each time it starts up, it is recommended to synchronize the data to a faster local folder. The same applies to external cloud solutions, where there is no getting around synchronization.

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