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Sheet Layer Page Boundaries

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So for my drawings on sheet layers I always have a grey page boundary that surrounds my titleblock.  I like this.   I have a drawing from someone else in the office and there is no thick grey boundary around the titleblock (same company titleblock) .  

I can't for the life of me find a setting anywhere that allows me to control the appearance of the sheet layer boundary.   Does anybody know how to do this?

Working from home and I see I don't have my signature set up.   Ryzen computer running VW2020.


Boundary 1.png

Boundary 2.png

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Hello @TomKen,


This is coming from your printer page settings. This is different for each printer so you will have to check your printer settings from Page Setup. You can also set your title block to be fitting not to the Printable Area but to the Page Area, but then, if you print it, it will be cropped, as the gray boundary is not part of the print result.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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Posted (edited)

Nikolay, Boh,  Thanks for your response but this is not what I'm looking for.
I'm specifically talking about Sheet Layer Page Boundary not Design Layer Page Boundary.  I'm also not referring to the size of the sheet in page setup,  I'm talking about the thickness of the line that defines Sheet Layer Page Boundary,  In the first image the boundary line is 13mm thick,  in the second it is only a line.

My question is how do you control the attributes of the Sheet Layer Page Boundary (which also has nothing to do with the titleblock setup as far as I can tell).

In the Vectorworks preferences dialog under interactive settings you can change some of the attributes of the design layer page boundary and you can change the background color of the sheet layers but I don't see anything for the boundary of the sheet layer.


Hoping someone can answer this question.  Thanks

Edited by TomKen

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The "outer" boundary line of the TBB object is controlled by the Crop Marks line weight on the Sheet Zone/Grids pane.


But there is a bug. The line draws exactly at the edge of the page, so 1/2 of the line is outside of the printable area. I already submitted a bug for this. The best work around for now is to set the out line weight to twice the inner line weight if you want them to look the same in exported PDFs.


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There is are no titleblocks on these blank sheet layers from two different files.   In one file the boundary is nice and thick, in the other it is simply a line.  This is what I'm trying to find a setting for.   It has nothing to do with the titleblock.



Boundary 3.png

Boundary 4.png

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That is exactly what Nikolay was trying to explain.


The grey band is the difference between the paper size and the printable area. This will vary depending on the printer. And it will only be visible on Sheet Layers, not on the design layer. 


So for my printer with the page setup set to 1 page horizontally and 1 page vertically I get the following which shows the default printable area of the printer centered in the 8.5 x 11 inch page.





If I then change the Printer Setup so that I use the Borderless (margin less/edge to edge) setting I get the following.



So If you want to always have the wider margins, you might have to create custom paper sizes/margins in your printer to get what you are looking for.


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O.K. I think I have it figured out. 
Both files are now open on my home office computer,  File one was originally set up on my work office computer,  File 2 was set up on a consultants computer.  All with different printer configurations.  But as you can see in the attached images both sheets had the same page set up.  The only difference I could see between the two sheet setups was the number of pages it makes to up a D-Size sheet.  I think it was remembering this information from the computer it was first set up on.  If I go to printer setup on my computer and pick the same size paper for both then the boundary matches.

Ultimately it doesn't matter in the end,  it is just sometimes I have sheets without titleblocks and I like to see the thick boundary outline.

Boundry 6.png

Boundry 7.png

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