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Spotlight Lighting Info Record does not work with Schedules

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I am trying to create a schedule that pulls from a few different records within my vwx document. All fields seem to work fine, except for field which pull from the Lighting Info Record (the default one with spotlight). I am specifically trying to pull from the "Remarks" field. These fields just appear blank, and are uneditable. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, are there any solutions?




VWX 2020 SP3.1, Windows 10

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The light info record is for setting default data and should only be attached to symbol definitions, so if you create a report on drawing objects, you aren't going to get this data.


If you want the data to appear in Lighting Devices, do the following:

  1. Open Spotlight Preferences, and select Parameters.
  2. Change the name of one of the user fields or add a new parameter with the name "Remarks."
  3. Exit preferences and open Spotlight>Reports>Lighting Symbol Maintenance.
  4. This shows all the Light Info Record data for your drawing. The Remarks field maps to Notes. Make any changes here if desired.
  5. Click the Update all lighting devices button at the bottom-right. This will push all Light Info data to existing Lighting Devices.

You should now be able to report on the Remarks field for all Lighting Devices.


If you already have the Remarks field added to your Lighting Devices before you insert them, you can skip steps 3-5.

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