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Keyboard shortcut to tool in VW12

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You can add the zoom out tool to the basic tool set in the workspace editor and then assign it the V key. I missed it at first too, kept hitting the V key and nothing happened. In the meantime I've grown use to using a mouse wheel to zoom in and out and also using the wheel-click to pan the drawing is great.

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I don't think I did anything in particular. I have the "Mouse wheel zooms" checked in the VW preferences. Does that work for you? I had a previous issue with a mouse and scroll wheel not working with SketchUp and the techies from SketchUp told me to uninstall the driver software that came with the mouse, Logitech in that case. They said with Macs you should be able to plug in the mouse right out of the box and have it work properly. I guess the drivers aren't compatable with what's in certain applications. There should be an uninstall option on the install disk that came with the mouse if it is a third party mouse.

I use a Bluetake Bluetooth mini mouse and the wireless Logitech trackball in separate locations.


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Thanks for the reply. I had already added the zoom out tool to the basic tool set just needed to add the key command. Finally figured out that you simply need to hit the required key with the tool selected in the workspace editor to select. Easy to do but not all that intuitive (I'm surprised there was no "pop-up hint" they seem to be all over VW).

Ah.... back to more productive work!

Cheers, mmm

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