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Open GL from top/plan to 3D

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It works here for me. Things to try:


1. VW Preferences:Reset Saved Settings.  This will reset all of the saved settings, but perhaps there is some setting you have clicked the Always Do button that is preventing the switch. Kind of a pain to have to re-click the Always Do buttons, but also kind of a good learning exercise.

2. VW Preferences:Reset (bottom left corner) this will throw away all of your preferences and give you back the factory defaults. You will then need to set the prefs to your liking again. If it is a corrupted preference this is probably the fix.

3. Quit VW. Move or rename the user folder. Restart VW. This will create a new user folder.

4. Quit VW. Create a new User from System Preferences and log into that user. Launch VW and see if the problem is fixed.

5. Quit VW. From Finder delete everything in your user library (Application Support, Preferences, Caches, Launch Agents, maybe others) and delete everything with Vectorworks or Nemetschek in the name. Restart VW. This will require you to re-enter your serial number.

6. Do Step 5 and in addition delete the Vectorworks Folder from the Applications Folder and reinstallVW.


Before you do step 3 or higher, make sure you have backups of anything that you need from the user folder including Default Content, templates, workspaces, etc.


You probably want to ask for more details before doing step 3 or above.

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@Pat Stanford I believe this occurs in only certain situations but I'm not sure exactly when (while inside group, symbol, 3D model history?).   I seem to remember that there's another thread on this subject.  


@mac@stairworks While Pat's suggestions helped me greatly in another context, you might want to look into this a little more before putting in the time required to go through all the troubleshooting steps.  It might be a bug.

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Thanks for your time everyone.

Zoomer, this is just going from tp/plan to Right Iso. No editing mode or anything. Sorry, I should have made that clear.

Pat, I will try your suggestions if I can't get it to work, I just don't want to have to go through resetting everything just for one setting.

Just wish simple things like this would just work instead of spending half of my day fixing someone else's work. 


And now NA is asking for $400 a year for upgrades. How about going back and fixing all of these workarounds before adding more to the mess. 


Does anyone else have a problem with the trim tool?

It only works for me if I zoom in ridiculously close otherwise the line, circle or whatever gets deleted.


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