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Notes Library ??

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I save them as page based symbols that become a group on import to sheet layers - that way I can use different text styles for headings etc and do indented lists and so forth and edit them without having to convert them To a group from a symbol manually.

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The VW notes manager allows you to create a notes library. It can be edited via the callout tool or general notes tool. As @Aspect_Designhas noted formatting options are a bit limited with the VW notes database however it is very convenient and easy to add/edit notes as required. I also use worksheets so that callout notes can be edited globally across a file (something not possible with simple text notes as far as I am aware).


If you want a "Title" to your note you can put it on the first line with the note in the body of the note below. Here is a sample screenshot of our office Notes Library.



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The “Title” in my example is just the first line of the note. I have set this as a note description simply by hitting enter after typing the title and checking “use first 42 characters of the note for the description”.


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Thank you for everyone's input.


Really great to see how others utilize Notes.


Good to have a support group.


I have found that using Aspect_Design method is the closest I have found yet.


If I need to change Font size on the fly, will use Modify > Edit Symbol.  Hot Key Ctrl+[  Windows PC


As one can see I have started my list.







Speed Notes Folders.JPG

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