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Door and Window ID tags on elevations



Hi all,

I've read a few topics on the subject and think I have it all covered yet I still cannot see my ID tags on my elevations. 
I can see them in my plan VP's, they are on a separate class which is turned on for each elevation viewport, I have checked the show 3D option in the OIP for each window/door and I've also checked the display options in the OIP for each viewport.....still can't see the tags. 

I'm running 2020 SP4


Thanks in advance 

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So show planar objects is on?

Maybe try a vp with all classes visible.
Happy to take a look if you want to post the file.


Or just use the data tag tool. This works pretty t good in VP annotations.


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If you use Hidden Line rendering in VW2020 the ID Tags will not be visible in an exterior elevation as VW decided to have them appear on the inside only. If you make the glass transparent you can see thru to the tags but there is no way to relocate the tags in 3d to appear in front of the door/window AFAIK. I guess they are trying to make you use the new tool which takes longer to use IMHO.

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