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Problem with rendering with VW light symbols


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Ive posted this in the Rendering forum also.


Ive started seeing a strange issue whereby I create viewports on sheet layers, override the light objects (both from Spotlight & RW lights) until it looks right, render, close the file, re-open, re-render - then all of my Spotlight light objects turn-off for no apparent reason. The VW light object dont do this. I then need to go back to the design layer and re-create the viewport to get it to render properly.


Ive attached a sample file with most of the geometry ripped-out (for IP reasons). 


Render test.vwx

Another problem that I regularly run into are VW light objects blanking-out their names when I try to edit them in the Visualisation/Lights palette - normally when I select multiple lights and edit several at once. When this happens, I cant edit them in the sheet layer.


Any insight would be appreciated.



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