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Objects moving when importing MVR file

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Hello everyone


I am running into a strange issue when sending my model from Vectorworks to Vision. 

It seems my objects ends at space origin. So everything is at 0;0;0. I would like it to be placed at the position in space, as my Vectorworks drawing. 


My method of importing is: 

Export to MVR file from Vectorworks. 

Import MVR file in Vision. 


Here is how it looks after import: 



And how it looks In Vectorworks: 



My esport settings in Vectorworks is:




Import settings in Vision is: 



Do any of you know what I am missing? 

Hope you can help! 


Best from Mathias 



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'm glad you figured it out! I hadn't had time to look into the original post yet, but you've already solved it!


A little explanation:

The MVR specification/standard mandates that when writing an MVR all units of measure should be in millimeters. It is for this reason that millimeters is the default option at import time; this option should rarely be changed.

To be frank, the only reason this option is still around is in the event some company starts writing MVR files "against the spec". We, as a company, did not want to have to tell customers, "Well... I guess you need to wait until Company X fixes their MVR Export before you can pull this into Vision." We felt it was much better to provide you this option at import time in the event that an MVR file was written out with incorrect units of measurement; as this would allow to read a file that you would not be able to otherwise.


So, I apologize for the confusion! That Units in File import setting (specifically for MVR) should almost always be millimeters. The only reason the option is even present is for a "dooms day"-like scenario 😛

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Thanks a lot for your reply! 

It makes sense 🙂


I am kind of new to vision, and trying to find the best way of importing models, when still working on then in VW. 

It seems like MVR is the best workflow around this. 


Do you have any god advice on this? 

Or any article on it? 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I find MVR to be the ideal workflow 😉  If you are new to Vision, you may not be familiar with the woes of the .ESC file format. However, I still think you might find this article helpful:


That article may explain benefits of the MVR workflow you are not familiar with. But, there is always more to learn!

If you are trying to eek out the best quality renderings in both VW and Vision, you may find this useful as well:

I will note that this HQ Materials guide applies to Vision 2020, but will be receiving an update for the Vision 2021 release.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
14 hours ago, AWaters said:

my hang positions (except my ladders) are still stuck at the origin.

I'm not sure I've heard this reported before. Perhaps, you could include a VWX that replicates the issue?


14 hours ago, AWaters said:

Also, none of the focusing I did in VW transfers with the MVR file. Why is that?

This worked in Vision 2020 SP2, but a regression was introduced as a part of Vision 2020 SP3. Unfortunately, the developer was not able to get a fix shipped for SP4.

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15 hours ago, AWaters said:

I'm having a similar issue to this. I figured out the initial mm problem, but my hang positions (except my ladders) are still stuck at the origin.


I had this happen once (I think it was in January), with ladders actually, was in the middle of a tight deadline and didn't report it...

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3 hours ago, bbudzon said:

I'm not sure I've heard this reported before. Perhaps, you could include a VWX that replicates the issue?



Here is my VWX and the MVR file. 


On a tangential note, when I do "Send to Vision" instead of using MVR, everything transfers fine but the shutter cuts that I did for my conventionals in Vectorworks don't translate correctly in Vision.

Schlesinger Center New Dance Mode.vwx Schlesinger Center New Dance Mode.mvr

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Sorry it took me so long to respond to this. I was able to reproduce the issue and I believe the problem is at export time in VW. I confirmed this by opening a blank document in VW and importing the MVR. The hang positions were still at the origin.

I've opened a ticket in our reporting system. Hopefully we'll have something fixed soon!

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