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Texture alignment driving me insane!

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I've been working on some objects with a fresnel lens, and am using an imported image texture for the lens.  The texture is applied to an extruded regular 16-sided polygon (edges will be hidden with other geometry).  I've tried numerous different mapping styles (auto-align plane seems to work best) and tried drawing just at center or in place.  I've had mild success if I draw at the drawing origin, but if not, it's a crap shoot.  


The image below contains a rendered fresnel. The last time I worked on this file, the lens was centered and looking great (after spending FOREVER getting it centered).  When I opened it again, the texture was offset.  The second image shows several polygons with the texture appleid.  All three have exactly the same texture settings, but they're all wildly different.  I've tried with both the Z-origin option on and off, and it's just killing me.


Is there something I'm missing, or does Vectorworks just randomly plop textures on wherever the hell it feels like?  I'm used to Cinema 4D where texturing is a breeze.  And this is precisely why I typically don't texture my 3D models...I just don't understand how Vectorworks determines texture coordinates.




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