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jeff prince

hardscape texture issue using aligned hardscape

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I just created an aligned hardscape and my texture looks strange.  Is this normal behavior?

Kind of looks like the mapping needs to be reset, but I don't see how to do that with a hardscape.


Here's the plan view with the offending hardscape highlighted.  It's using the same texture as the hardscapes adjacent.



looks bad from any angle too.


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FYI, It exports to c4d with the no texture applied to the aligned hardscape.  Is that typical?

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Just a thought - My experiments with the aligned hardscape show that the texture stretches to stay confined within the shape. At least that's my interpretation.  eg if you apply a brick or other grid texture it pulls the image around like a rubber sheet.  The "grout" lines become wider or narrower.  Interpolated option for the hardscape smoothes the  hardscape shape, but does not correct the texture stretch.  One workaround is to extract the top surface of the hardscape and apply texture to that new NURBS surface. Or extract the long edges and loft.  Might require disable texture and fill on the hardscape to prevent z fight interference between the new NURBS and the orig.



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@Benson Shaw thanks for the tips, I’ll have to experiment with these aligned hardscape more and will try your work around.  I might have to suggest a wishlist item if this is actually how the tool works, could get ugly patching hardscape on a large project with many of these objects.

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I managed to correct this by editing the object's render settings in the OIP.

In the render tab, I changed the part to "main slab texture..."

This gave me access to the typical ability to change the map type settings, I changed it from default to auto-align.

This fixed the problem.

I then set it back to overall class texture so it would behave like my other hardscapes.

No stretching and looks the way it should 🙂




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