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Mac OS Big Sur- intel/Apple soc

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I can already see years of pain ahead for myself with VW....

yearly updates to VW have rendered it almost unusable until sp4-5 on each occasion from last few years experience.

moving over to Apple soc is going to just give Nem another excuse for not fixing the existing bugs and lack of any forward momentum for this software - which seems to fall further behind each year.


Anyone thinking of spending any large amounts of money on a new Mac may want to Seriously consider it before buying an intel cpu at this stage - they say they have new intel range coming in the Apple presentation tonight- but based on the past experience and their jump from PowerPC to intel, I’d be weary of this (what else are they going to say without loosing the next 2.5 years of sales!!) - high end PowerPC’s lasted a few years before the support was dropped (not what you want if you’re spending £6k on a new macPro Tomorrow)

they may say intel is here to stay now - and even if it does , how will Vectorworks 2021-22 run if it has to run through Rosetta 2?...


might be time to give up the trusted Mac and move to windows unfortunately - at least for the foreseeable future...does VW work any better on windows?....I may just cancel my VSS and stick with Mojave and VW2019 until it’s all sorted....VW? Guess it’s going to be a long wait....(might even start using my VW2020 next year when it working state for professional use..)

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No panic. From now every developer can test the softwares on Big Sure and here everyone can see how the VW team works better with Catalina after the Mojave experience. Off course that could be a chance to complete re-write the softwares but I'm not a developlver and so I'll wait some comment here from the team, but I'm sure they will take time to give us their point of view.

There is no reason to be worried now. Tim Cook said that there are also other new Mac intel based coming on the market.

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Hardware lasts so long these days and OS support is close to a 2/3 of a decade and you can really go the other 1/3 before compatibility forces your hand.  This isn't like the PowerPC /Intel transition at all. Apple Silicon hardware will need to be compelling.


I fear VW just isn't ready for the world where more threads = good, less threads = bad. Really doesn't matter what hardware we have going forward if CAD/BIM software is thread bound and no one in hardware is pushing a single core to do more.


Still promising signs in the last few releases from VW.



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