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Mac Silicon OS and VW

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30 minutes ago, Tom W. said:


 contrary to what I said in the other thread, VW2023 actually performs better although the underlying problem is the same.


My impression is that some memory related things have been improved between 2022 and 2023, but not necessarily such that they are any better than they were in 2021. And some have got slightly worse between 2022 and 2023.


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3 hours ago, line-weight said:

I reported on some of my memory-hogging experiments here.


My impression is that having more RAM might not really help (it simply would take a bit longer for it to fill up and everything collapse). I think that was based on some comments from other users, for example this one here by @zeno describing memory on a (I think) 64GB machine getting eaten up, and going off up to 140 or 190GB.


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1 hour ago, Mark Aceto said:


Doubling the low end from 16 to 32 would make a big difference.


Adding 16 to the high end would not be noticeable for most users, myself included.


I feel like a broken record but:

  • Look at the Intel MBP in my signature: 32 + 8 (40 total; not 32)
    • So 32 is really more like 24 + 8 if we're comparing ARM's to Intels
  • I've never run out of memory with 128gb, and I'm usually sitting somewhere between 25 and 50% (32 to 64gb)

If 32gb shared memory is in one's budget, it's a no-brainer for 2023 and beyond.


If a power user is concerned about running out of memory, and has the budget, I can vouch for the Studio not disappointing. I complain a lot. I've never complained about running out of memory.

I got the M1 Max 32GB MBP. So sad I did NOT get the 64GB.


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1 hour ago, Tom W. said:

What is virtual memory

To the best of my understanding, when the machine runs out of RAM, it uses disk space to write down some of the RAM data, creating greater "virtual" RAM capacity.  However, this is much slower due to the read/write and swapping time.  An SSD should do this faster than a spinning disk HD.  https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/mac-help/mh11852/mac

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On 1/27/2023 at 3:27 PM, E|FA said:

What is virtual memory

as above, simply the machine using the hard drive as a scratch pad when the limit of installed ram is hit.

-Very slow w/ a traditional spin drive. Read/Write vs chip-to-ram communication is drastically slow

-Much improved w/ SSD drive read/write speeds

-Improved dramatically w/ Nvme drive (essentially a ram stick used as HD)

-improved dramatically again w/ M-chips having installed ram on the processor chip itself

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14 hours ago, Don Seidel said:

-improved dramatically again w/ M-chips having installed ram on the processor chip itself


Nitpicking here but RAM isn't installed on the processor chip itself. With the SoC (system on a chip) layout, the M2 processor die is interconnected to the memory sticks on the interface block as seen below. Long story short, the CPU and GPU cores are on the M2 chip. The RAM modules are next to it... 


The nice thing about this architecture is that the ARM SoC's are "expandable" (at least at the time of purchase for an exorbitant penalty). This is also why I'm so pissed at Mapple for not offering more memory in the Mini when they clearly could but choose not to (forcing their customers to pay even more for a MBP or Studio).





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