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Create a texture resource from image in a folder

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I try now to subdivide my question from my previous post - Looking for script to import images as imageprop.

Does anyone have a good approach to create a texture resource from images loaded from a folder.

I found the example script to load images as symbols(https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Python_Sample_Import_Images_as_Symbols), but I can't figure out how to bind them to a renderworks texture. Afterwards the texture could be used on an extruded object or with a image prob.




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Hi Jonas,


From Vectorworks 2019 and newer it is possible to create a image based texture by using CreateTextureBitmapD (before you had to use a dummy texture...)

#Part 1 - import and convert image
hPaint = vs.ImportImageFile(thePath, 0,0) #Needs to be deleted afterwards
hImage = vs.CreateImageFromPaint(hPaint, 'Just_a_name')

#Part 2 - Create ShaderRecord and convert to TextureBitmap
hShaderRec = vs.CreateShaderRecord(hTexture, 1, 41) #1 = Color image
hTextureBitMap = vs.CreateTextureBitmapD( hShaderRec)

#Part 3 - Connect the image to the TextureBitmap
vs.SetObjectVariableHandle(hTextureBitMap, 528, hImage) #Were the magic happens!

Hope this helps.



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