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Please Fix Vectorworks



Ha ha!  Yes, that is a joke.  "Time will tell," as they say, and time, years of it, is telling me that there's no interest in and/or ability to fix Vectorworks.  Sorry if that may sound harsh, but, the combination of issues such as those represented by the attached images, and the frequency of such issues, is beyond discouraging.  The tremendous investment I've made in Vectorworks, which is far beyond just financial, makes jumping ship incomprehensibly unappealing.  Oh well, back to work.  Maybe I can realize at least a few hours of billable work during my next eight hours with Vectorworks.    

crazy lines.png

crazy lines 2.png

crazy lines 3.png

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Since VW 2016 the camera locations can get crazy so easily.

For me, most of the time more and more cameras meet at the file origin

as more as you touch them but I also have seen lots of arbitrary

XXeXXXXXXX! positions.

I have given up on using any VW Cameras long ago.

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here was I, scouring about the forum to see if I could find a solution to a roof problem I am having (yet again) and came across my nemesis from a VW employee 

8 hours ago, jblock said:

I have seen something like this before with extraneous geometry that is located very far from the rest of the drawing or the internal origin


Guys (and I mean VW), if there are so many of us users constantly having problems with 'internal origins' and the way files are displaying, does that not give you a very strong hint that it is not us that has the problem, but you insisting on having such a stupid origin system. Remember that when we create projects and use REAL WORLD COORDINATES, we cannot draw at 0,0.  The VW internal origin should simply be positioned at the most central part of the drawing and have no relation to the coordinate system being used and should be a simple single click that does not change any of the displayed or user coordinates. We should also be able to change the internal original without affecting the drawing.


Attached is the dialogue box which appears when asking VW to central the drawing on the internal original.  I'm going to tell you a secret - Here in the UK, not everyone livers in Greenwich, why the hell would I want to centre my drawing on the Greenwich Observatory? As I can assure you that VW does in deed change the coordinates when I accept this dialogue.




I currently have an outstanding ticket with VW UK (it's about a month now),  where I spent over 1.5 hours on an shared screen with VSS Support, who at the end had to admit, VW shouldn't be doing what it was doing - Ie. unable to render unless ALL the coordinates were changed to match the internal origin (I.e. lose all my geo-referenced data) and agreed to submit to VW.  Still haven't heard back.


My  unfortunate view is that the techs have been decided that for nearly every real world problem, the  program is WAD - sorry guys, simply not true.


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