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Colour of symbols



I have what is likely to be a very simple fix - just it is not computing with me this morning...

I have a very simple symbol - just a cross for spot levels - literally 2 diagonal lines.  I want that symbol to take on the colour of the class I have put it on - eg: green for retaining walls, brown for ground level etc....

I have set the colour in the symbol to be class style.  I then insert the symbol onto the retaining wall class and it is still black (the colour allocated to the none class that the symbol is made on).


Can anyone tell me how to make it do what I want it to? 





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@SharonP If I understand correctly what you are trying to do, I don't believe that it is directly possible within VW. 


When I read your post I figured "oh, this should certainly be possible", so I played around with some symbols for a little while. I couldn't find the solution but figured someone else had to have asked about this before, so I went on a search. I found some other forum posts, so I've linked them here. It seems that although symbols can be placed on the active class upon insertion, the elements within symbol definitions are static and do not have the ability to take on the properties of the active class.

If this is indeed the functionality you are looking for, there are some workarounds that people discuss in the posts below. There are many people here on the forums that would like this to be possible...this topic is currently ranked #14 on the Wishlist.



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