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Path within a path

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I have a path PIO that I use for measuring specific areas and would like to modify it so as to have a second, controllable path inside the first. The inside shape may take on a different path than the outside one (see example herein), but could start by default with a fixed offset. Ideally, when using the reshape tool, handles for both the inside and outside handles would appear allowing me to edit either.


This is slightly different from a donut object (as one would create by using Clip Surface), because I need to track the areas of both the inside and outside shapes, as well as turn on/off the lines that define the two shapes and control their respective graphics.


Not sure if this is possible as the basic function (GetCustomObjectPath) seems to only be able to create a single path. Any creative ideas and input would be welcomed!!


Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 4.43.25 PM.png

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It would seem to me with the limited info of the purpose that you are simply needing to use your existing PIO twice. Laying the smaller object on top of the larger one. I suppose you could use a tool to lay down the two instances and link them through unique data like a permanent handle concept so one instance can find and evaluate the data of the other. Or a tool that creates a plugin which monitors and evaluates two polygons. While tools can create two iterations of a PIO the result will be two separate instances of that PIO. Also if you deleted one of the data linked objects the other would be orphaned and possibly show wrong data or crash. More coding is required for such occurrences.


Whether this is of use or not is to be seen, but your donut instance can be separated into two polygons by decomposing and then immediately recomposing them. Note the result is unperdictable if one or more of the definition points share the same location, ie the result is rarely two closed polygons.

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