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No "Third-party" button in tools menu

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Hi Henry,


You are correct that there should be a menu item beneath Plug-ins which would lead you to Tools>Third-party>Enscape>Add Enscape to Workspace.


Looking at your Workspace Editor on the left I notice you don't have an Enscape item listed and/or available for dropdown. You could expand the "All Menus" section and have a quick look in there for "Add Enscape to Workspace". This would firstly lead to thinking the plugin wasn't successfully installed originally.


I've just done the installation for VW2020 (and noted you're running 2019 here) however it was quite straightforward and mine appeared instantly. 


Perhaps redo the installation of Enscape, ensuring VW is closed whilst installing, and that you have all the Runtime and Distributables it requires in the first installation menu.


Let us know how you go.



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Hi James,


Thank you for the reply. I've checked and I don't have it under "all menus" either. On the Enscape download it says it's for Vectorworls 2020. I checked for updates and there are not. Do I need a different installer for vw2020? I'm using the Sutdent download and I can't see the latest one


Thank you for your help,



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Hi Henry,


I've just had a quick look over the Enscape Technical Specifications and it is only for VW2020 Service Pack 3.


You won't be able to just update your VW2019 to VW2020, that's not quite how the Vectorworks updates work. You'll receive updates for your yearly version, (ie. VW2019SP1, VW2019SP2, etc), but not for yearly releases.


Presuming you're a current student you should be able to log into your student portal and then download an installer for VW2020. (Note: There are some random clauses from memory, like if your course is ending in less than 3 months you'll not be provided with a link - and a few other random things like that.)


Otherwise if you can get your hands on VW2020 you should be good to go.


Good luck,



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