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Pool/ Snooker Table

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Sup, guys


Unfortunately that's the only topic about pool tables  that I've managed to find

So I ask here


I've looked at the previous link (https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=snooker table) and those tables seem okay

But in terms of my learning process I'd like to make it myself - not just download a complete one

I faced another problem - I'm not quite sure about table's measurements, huh :D

I found this article about table sizes. So I found out that tables for pool, snooker and billiard are different...


Where could I look for different tables in 3D? 


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On 6/16/2023 at 7:43 PM, Kevin K said:

@Mickey You didn't specify which version of VW you are using....

That said, here is a pretty good pool table. VW 2022 version.

It is a semi-large file, so you can mess with 'Simplify Mesh' from the Modify menu, but be careful not to over simplify ! 🙂


I'm on '23 and when I searched for one I couldn't find anything in the resource browser

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Mickey...not sure why that would happen.....??

But, I uploaded it again for you....:-)

Grab a beer and have a game with Pat 🙂


Here is an image of the pool table....

It is a 2022 file, so you should be abate to open it in 2023.

POOL TABLE.vwx.zipPOOL TABLE.vwx.zipPOOL TABLE.vwx.zipPOOL TABLE.vwx.zipPOOL TABLE.vwx.zipI compressed the file this time, so just double click it after you download it and it should open.



POOL TABLE.vwx.zip

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Won one, lost one.  More for fun.   I have played periodically through the years.  Played some tournaments when I was younger.


The reason I modelled a snooker table was to rebuild the pool room I learned to play the game in and make a movie.  There was a reunion in my home town of that time period (1968) and that pool room figured prominently for many reasons beside Snooker.  It disappeared in 1970.  


This is where the term "better living through modern chemistry" was really coined.



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Interesting you recognize the gendre😀.  But, that is my brother (left) and my next door neighbour.  That picture was from a wedding that I cut them out from, but same look for me, except of course for the suits.  Jeans and a tea shirt.  It was a marvellous time.  

This was done without the send to C4D button.  This was all with a series of "hooks' I used based around DXF.

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