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Objects in resource manager behavior



I have a moldings resource manager.  Some I double click then on the third click I can place the resource in the drawing.  Others I double click and Vworks places it seemingly randomly on the design layer.  My question is there any way to edit the properties of placing a resource object on the design layer?

2020-06-11 16_01_19-Window.jpg

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I've looked at all the variables I though may be a factor in this behaviour but none are described as nor produce the behaviour you're describing. I suspect a corruption of either: 

  1. One or more objects that have this behaviour, or 
  2. The file itself, or 
  3. A Vectorworks system file. 

Account for these possibilities by: 

  1. Post your file (or a test one with suspect objects within)  here for someone else to test. 
  2. Test for this phenomenon in ideal circumstances: 
    1. Restart your computer -> re-check. 
    2. Acid test: Go: File > New… > Create blank document (with only new symbols) -> re-check. 
    3. Acid test: Go: File > New… > Create blank document (introducing your suspect symbols) -> re-check. 
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