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Custom Classes - What is your system?


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My understanding is that 'Site-DTM-Modifier' is not changeable (similar to None and Dimension classes).  It is extremely useful in that placing  3d polygon (and other?) objects into this class turns them into site modifiers.  This is not well documented in the help system



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On 12/5/2020 at 6:32 AM, Christian Fekete said:

@Taproot do you create a text file and then a .sta file uploaded in VW or is there a prefered process ?

great post, thanks for starting this





I'm not sure exactly what you're asking.... as far as creating an office template, we did that in VW directly (no text file). 

Our plan was to use the template as a beta for active projects and weave back in refinements to the master standard.


Instead, what we've found is that the "template" is constantly being upgraded with minor tweaks and refinements.  We have a small office, so this is feasible... a larger office would likely not have this level of flexibility.


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I would definitely be interested in a master template CSV file that I could maintain without having to open VW and enter dialogs. I find myself doing some version of that with many things in life (outside of VW). Very quick to edit, and then import. Would kill for that with workspaces too. I just get overwhelmed by all of the tinkering and fiddling with settings buried and scattered all over the place.


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For me more classes = more control not clutter. It does require more consideration in how it is set up however. We use hundreds of classes but with a hierarchical setup they collapse down to a list of just 14 lines.


To my knowledge you can’t have callouts go straight to a particular class on creation unless that class is the active class.


You might be able to create a script using the custom visibility tool that would select the callout tool and place the callout on a particular class. Downside is that after creating a callout it would revert back to your previous tool selection. So to make multiple callouts you would have to select the script multiple times.

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I will have to look into making a script - pros and con, but it may work for me.


The problem I am having with having a lot of classes (for me clutter) is that even with hierarchy I have to wade through especially since VW does not automatically put some objects on a class and I miss selecting the class when creating the item since some and some do not. I am totally with you on the control and flexibility of classes.

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2 hours ago, PLENZEN said:

Does anyone know if you can have callouts by default to an ANNO class

Try using the "Custom Tools/Attributes" command, and check the Tool and Class boxes while the Callout tool and ANNO class are selected.  I believe the downside is that you lose the option of using key commands for the tool, and have to double-click in the script palette to activate.

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Since Custom Tools/Attributes just creates a script, you could relatively easily make a Plug-in Tool from the script and then add that to the workspace and give it a keyboard shortcut. I think you could even remove the original Callout Tool from your workspace and just replace it with your Custom Tool script. But I would recommend keeping the original as a secondary function of the Tool icon.

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1 hour ago, E|FA said:

Try using the "Custom Tools/Attributes"

Yeah this is the one. I mistakenly called it the custom visibility tool in my last post. It produces a basic script. An actual scripter (I.e. not me ) could no doubt produce something more like what you want.

Maybe another workaround option is to make a callout a green symbol set to be assigned to the ANNO class on insertion?

A blue symbol is set to convert to a plugin object or group on insertion rather than stay as a symbol. Might be worth a try.


Edit: Yes I just tried this and it does work as a simple workaround. (Should have said a green symbol not a blue symbol tho...)



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