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Hi All,


New to the forum.


I have Vectorworks/Renderworks to C4D questions.  Have used VW since it was MiniCad 6.  Very new to C4D - learning it while using it.  I have a rendering question - hopefully someone out there knows the answer:


Rendering window in VW 2020 - different than older versions.  Previous versions showed only what the camera parameters contained.  VW 2020 shows far outside the camera view and has four crop marks for the actual camera crop will be for the rendering.  When the VW file is converted to C4D, although it shows the VW camera bounding box, it renders everything outside the bounding box.  I need C4D to render only to the crop.  Does anyone know of a workaround for this?  Was hoping there was a VW fix before it is converted to C4D.







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When you are exporting as .c4d from Vectorworks, do you leave the box checked to export cameras? If so, when you are viewing the imported file in Cinema, find the camera in the hierarchy and make sure the camera is active (the plus square is white, not black). Maybe it's also a matter of editing the render settings in Cinema to be matching proportion to your vwx camera aspect ratio?


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