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PDF's from VW10 on a PC

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How do I make a PDF file from my PC - using V10. I am doing a report in Quark & don't have Illustrator - do I need to go & buy this?

We have tried a free download called Desk PDF but this is no better than exporting as an EPS into Photoshop & then into Quark (this actually works better).

We only have the free Acrobat Reader 5.1 & Adobe Reader 7.0 installed too.


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You need Adobe Acrobat with Distiller or PDF Writer. We have not tested the newer versions (6.5 and 7) with VW 10.

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One posibility is to instal a Postscript printer such as found at adobe:

Adobe Postscript Printers


Or try this alternative:


This creates a postscript file. This can inturn be distilled into a PDF document using such tools as Ghostscript, see:

http://www.noliturbare.com/ click on the GhostScript GUI link

Lots of work? - Yup, but free. Or, less work, but will cost you - as per Katie's suggestion

I personally use full-fledged Adobe Acobat (but the company was buying )


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I use annother programm to create PDF Files and it is free, just don't know if it works in VW 10.

It's called CutePDF Writer. You find a download for this programm at http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp

This link should bring you to the correct Page too.

Great thing [smile] it's free of charge. [Cool] Much less overhead than the other Programm and faster too. Had great success in using it. Hope it helps to solve your problem.

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pdf995.com for another pdf creator. if you download the suite you can create multipage pdf's but from the sound of it you just want images for Quark.

It's free with a repeating sponser page on use but cheap enough to buy if you want to stop that happening.

Goes up to the bigger sizes, A0, which some others don't. I use it to get large construction drawings printed by a local printshop when I need bigger than my A3 HP.


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