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Site Model Sections - a beginner's guide

Rob P

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Can anyone point me towards an idiot's a beginner's guide to creating longitudinal sections through a site model? The normal section elevations don't seem to create the right sort of output, but it may just be that I'm not using the tool correctly.

I've imported 3D contours and created the site model for the area around a quarry - see screenshot.



I need to create some sections so that I can test how proposed screen planting will help to reduce the visibility of a proposed extension to the quarry. In the past I have done this manually (see below), but I'm sure it should be possible to do this much more efficiently.






Any pointers and suggestions would be much appreciated.




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Try using View>Create Section Viewport. {VW's Help, which I just checked, would be worse than useless for a noobe, as it is assumes that the user already knows the following basic functionality}:

1) Go to Top/Plan View

2) Select Menu Command: View>Create Section Viewport, then immediately (as in very next mouse click)

3) Draw Section Line (like all lines and other shapes, you can constrain horizontal or vertical by hold Shift Key while drawing), then immediately 

4) Double Click  to choose direction of view (Notice the little triangle (arrow) pointing to one side of the Section Line. You can switch sides by moving mouse, then double click)

5) Assuming you've got all that, a Dialog will appear ("Create Section Viewport"). Choose On Sheet Layer (or New Sheet Layer) then choose other parameters (note: all of these except the Viewport type can be modified later, so don't fret too much).

6) Click OK. Vectorworks will take to to the designated Sheet Layer and you will see the new Section Viewport.


I hope that helps get you started.

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Thanks CipesDesign.


That's what I was trying before, but it seems to have worked this time so I must have done something different...





One more query though:

If I uncheck the 'Display Extents beyond Cut Plane' option (i.e. I really want a section, rather than a section-elevation), and then update, the whole section disappears...


I've tried restricting the 'Extents Beyond Cut Plane' and 'Extents Before Cut Plane' to 0.1m instead, and the same thing happens - the whole thing disappears.


Clearly I'm missing something - any thoughts? I can send you the file if it helps.




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