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Autosave switching off by itself

Kevin C


Anyone noticed the Autosave in VW switching off by itself.  VW has just crashed again (second time today), but this time I have just lost 5 hours of work.  I know the autosave was on this morning as there are autosaves from this morning's work, but nothing for the last 5 HOURS. Does VW have a hidden keystroke that switchers Autosave off - If there is it should be deleted.


I am getting so sick and tired of the instability of Vectorworks and the constant crashing of the software.  You know you have the users tied down so much that we cannot afford to move elsewhere. Businesses across the world just now are struggling for basic survival.

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@Kevin C I have experienced same switch off of the AutoSave.  But, I can't track the cause, and think it is not v2020 specific.


Some possible culprits:

Updates or upgrades in other software, including the OS?

A vwx crash/relaunch fails to renew the pref?

Crash in other software while vwx is open?


My best guess for the crashes is that one or other app will crash while running multiple heavy files, then maybe AutoSave clicks off. Recent instance is QGIS and vwx running, plus Zoom with recording. Might be too much for my system, causing one app or another to freeze or crash when OS can't keep up? Or maybe the AutoSave disabled itself earlier, and I didn't notice.


I'm trying to remember to check my AutoSave pref more often.

No answer here, just some affirmation and sympathy.  



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