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Render Resolution



Dear Members,


I am using Vectorworks2019 export to C4D (3D Only) as my basic render path. So I can keep rendering out of Vectorworks altogether.


I want to increase my resolution in my final rendered image. As far as I can see there is no resolution setting in Vectorworks that effects the exported C4D file and the resulting render settings in C4D. It looks like the only way I can increase my resolution is by getting into the complicated render settings of C4D which are confusing.

As far as I can see Vectorworks always exports .C4D files (3D only) for rendering at resolution of 72 DPI and the only way to increase resolution is by increasing it within the render settings in C4D.


I wanted to set all the parameters in Vectorworks and not get sucked into too much C4D work it can get really confusing. Is there something I'm missing?


Thanks for listening.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I may be mistaken about what you are doing or what Vectorworks is doing on export, but my understanding is that '3D only' is a resolution independent setting. 3D objects are exported as the exact size they are in real life as opposed to an image, which must be exported with a resolution. Is it possible that textures associated with various 3D objects are the issue?

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Hello Frank,


Yes of course that is the case. I was a bit confused because of all the other render settings available in Vectorworks which are prior to export to C4D and there are a few places to set ppi in Vectorworks but only for using renderworks to render an image. I thought the exported C4d file would also contain resolution instructions from Vectorworks for the render.

So now I'll do my image ppi render setting in C4D before doing my final rendering. Sometimes it's all a bit mind boggling, thanks for setting me straight.


Enjoy your day.




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