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Title Block Manager - "Collecting Sheets from the Selected Folder" - Disable?

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Perhaps a question for @Nikolay Zhelyazkov


With home-working, our connection to the server isn't as quick as being local. Occasionally in files, even when they have been copied to the desktop, when selecting the title block manager it tries to collect data from a lot of files that are on the server, leading vectorworks to freeze/crash/require force quitting.


Even when locally connected to the server, I do not need to update the titleblock information of multiple files simultaneously so would be happy to turn this feature off permanently if it is an option?


This is on VW2019.

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Hello @_James,


This should not happen if you have not opened the Select Sheets To Use from the TBManager. If it appears even if you have not opened Select sheets to use, could you tell me the exact steps you did before it appeared?


Anyway, we have seen this before and there should be a progress dialog displayed with option for cancelling when the manager looks for files in a selected folder (In VW2019 SP2).


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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Hey Nikolay,


There is an option to cancel, but I get the spinning beachball and unable to click it so I just have to force quit. It was opening up before pressing 'select sheets to use' however.


I just tried to make a screen recording but can't repeat the error causing a freeze, but it does show how it quickly looks for files before opening up the TBM without pressing 'select sheets to use'. 


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1 minute ago, _James said:

It was opening up before pressing 'select sheets to use' however.


- The cause of this is from a previous opening of the Manager either in this file or in different file in the same session. Do you remember what did you do before with this file?


One thing that might help, try having more than 1 file opened in VW. Then, when you open the TBManager from your file you should be asked if you want to load all opened files or only the active file. If you click to load only the active file the Manager should not look for sheets in folders I think.

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Is this a case where there is an "always do the selected action" that hides the dialog box about getting TBB information only about the active file or all files?


If so, you can reset the Always Do settings to defaults via VW Preferences:Session tab and then click the Reset Saved Settings button. This will clear all of the saved settings and you will have to click the Always Do on a bunch of them again when the pop up.


This is actually not a bad idea to do occasionally as you might find there are options that you chose Always Do for that you no longer really want that setting for.

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