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I touched on this earlier but am still not clear.  I want to create my go to plant list.  If I understand correctly.  I need to create a template, load a variety of generic symbols into the template, then manually edit each one as I import it via the plant style editor.  The path  "Get Plant Data", -find in the database, - Vectorworks tab, -Use Currently Selected Record, - manually enter sizes desired?  Is there a way to have the Currently Selected Record integrate plant data "sizes" with insertion sizes.  Is there a faster way or a way to create a file in a user group once so I can get it done one time and just update as needed?

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@Landartma almost! you do not need to set them in a template, primarily you want them in a favorites or a workgroup library. and yes once you attach data through the "get plant data" dialog it will enter all the info for you. You do however have to set the size and height but VW will give you the listed sizes per that plants info you connected to. One these are set you can save all of these and never have to go through that process again.

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Thanks Bryan!  I put them into the resource manager drawing folder that I'm working on.  When we do the training we can put them into Favorites unless I figure it out by then.  I figured out how to do it through the Create Plant Style from Catalogue.  Thanks!

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