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Editing Marionette Commands

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as described in the help files marionette commands can only be edited in the user/libraries/defaults/Marionette/Marionette Command Library.vwx file.

 in my resource browser I see the following:



This file can not be opened from the resource browser, and there are no resources shown. I can only directly open it when navigating to it via explorer.

Whats strange:

I can't simply open the 2D symbol definition here, edit the Marionette and save the file. This has no effect on the Marionette commands. I can only open the the symbol, copy the marionette, paste it somewhere, edit it, wrap it, create a menue command and overwrite the old one by choosing the same command name.

Is that correct, or is there a more elegant way to edit marionette commands ?

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You really don't want to be editing the default Marionette nodes. You should really make your own versions and save them in your user folder or in a workgroup folder. The path you want is: Vectorworks:2020:Libraries:Defaults:Marionette. Pick the subfolder you want to have your versions show in.


I recommend that you don't reuse the default names. If you do and someone sends you a network and your nodes return a different result you will spend hours/days trying to figure out why it does not run. This includes samples you may download from here.

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Hi Pat,


maybe I was not clear enough: I dont want to edit Marionette Nodes, I want to edit Marionette Commands as is described in the  help file


What puzzles me is


"If the wrapper node is not in the drawing, the wrapper node resource can be imported from the Marionette Command Library file in the Resource Manager."


but I can`t access this file from the Resource Manager.



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Do you have the VW Libraries option chosen in the upper right corner of the Resource Manager? It is the one on the far left that looks like the VW Icon. You can control where you are searching/view resources from by selecting one or more of the five options. VW Libraries, Workgroup Libraries, User Library, Favorites, Cloud Libraries.





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