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Nurbs to landscape area

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I tried to create a landscape area from a nurbs.  Is this possible?  I ended up just tracing it as a landscape area but could not see how to close the curve so now have a jumble of weird vertices.  How do I create a closed shape when creating a landscape area?  It seems as if it would stare me in the face as it does when working with nurbs on the OIP.  Is it just a snap function?  I made it work that way but it does not seem to provide the control like in nurbs.  Is there a way to manipulate the vertices in landscape area mode like there is in nurbs? 

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You could:

1. make a copy of your nurbs area

2. select the copy and modify->convert to polygons

3. use the polyline paintbucket to create a clean polygon inside the group that was created in step 2 (delete that group now, you are done with it)

4. select the polygon created in step 3, right click, "create objects from shapes" and select landscape area.


Not sure if it is the most efficient method, but I hope it helps.  I try to avoid drawing with Nurbs for landscape structures that need to be built.  It's unlikely anyone building what you design would be able to lay them out effectively and they can be problematic to dimension compared to standard arc and line geometry.

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