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Daniel Dickman

Replace Group With Symbol

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I have a DWG from an outside vendor that I have imported. There are a number of devices that came in as groups and not symbols. Is there a function in spotlight where I can select a group and then replace with a symbol?


Looking at the online VW manual, it seems that this function exists for Landmark and Architect. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FSymbols%2FReplacing_objects_with_symbols.htm&rhsearch=Replace Objects&rhhlterm=Replace Objects&rhsyns=


Is there a similar workflow for Spotlight users?



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highlight the group you want to convert, use the modify>create symbol to turn it into a symbol.  make sure you check the keep instance in place when you make the symbol.  this will not make all groups that are the same into a symbol, but you can then take that symbol you created and manually replace the group instances.  

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I was hoping for a somewhat more automated process as this still sounds pretty click intensive to locate each group and manually place my new symbol and delete the group instance. But it is what it is.


Thanks for the response.

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if you use the keep instance in place it will convert it to a symbol, which you don't need to insert and delete the group, but it won't replace multiple instances of the group as there is no way of knowing like in the Landmark instance in the help that you pointed to.

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You can make a multiple selection of groups and use the Replace with Symbol command from Modify>Convert>Replace with Symbol.


This will replace each selected instance with a chosen symbol. You will need to be wary of insertion points though as the symbol will insert at the centre of the bounding box of the grouped geometry.


If this command is not part of your workspace, then you can add it using the Workspace Editor. Its not a Landmark only command and is available in my version od Spotlight.

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