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Was just looking thru the latest libraries offered on Service Select.  As a suggestion, perhaps some residential outdoor lighting, some new cars, another fire truck or even new door leaves.  I know I can make my own but a good update would be easier.

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there is residential outdoor lighting in the Landscape lighitng, admittedly I made this years ago.  it takes about a year to create the Vehicles, so it is not practical for us to make each year's model as the new model would be out by the time it reaches the library.  but I will add your requests to the list of things for future updates.

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Posted (edited)

Maybe before I would like to see a second model of a fire truck, or 2020 car models, it would be useful to get some of the more banal items that are used in many commercial architectural projects.


My list might include the following: 


  1. Toilet accessories such as commercial paper towel and toilet paper dispensers.  https://www.bobrick.com/products/washroom-accessories/
  2. Recessed fire extinguisher cabinets.  +  Fire Extinguishers (found them)n  https://www.bimobject.com/en-us/product?freetext=fire extinguisher cabinets
  3. Parametric overhead coiling doors/security grills.  All the garage doors options in VW assume an overhead track, which is great in residential construction but are not always used in commercial construction.
  4. Roof accessories such as roof access hatches and snow guards.
  5. Loading dock equipment such as seals, levelers, and bumpers. 
  6. Parametric ladders and alternating tread devices. 
  7. Access panels.  Another simple parametric object.
  8. Parametric Balconies, with railings for quick massing.   https://www.bimobject.com/en-us/midthaug/product/bm_balc_folla












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9 hours ago, Rob Books said:

it takes about a year to create the Vehicles


Wow - that is a significant task.  I didn't realize the vehicles were custom built for us.  They are very nice. Thank you.

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