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Spotlight patch import

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Currently the only way to do this without a third party plug in/application is to use the the new MVR file type, which is only fully supported by the MA3 software at this point. As far as a I know Chamsys and Avolites (and others) are also working towards adding MVR to their software but I have idea how far along they are currently!


There are several third party plugins you can use, but mostly they will only export out of Spotlight and not allow you to import from a console


Lightwrite is the only application that can both export from spotlight and import into it, that I am currently aware of. It only works with ETC Eos consoles. I am not sure about how much Lightwrite costs as it is not a Vectorworks product.


MA have a plugin for Spotlight available on their website, for export your design to an MA2. This was just updated!


ETC have a plugin that will export your Spotlight file into the Augment3D software (no idea how well this works, as Augment is still beta testing)


These are the only ones I am aware of but there may be others available


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Spotlight will read a tab delimited test file, just make sure there are no consecutive tabs in the file, empty fields should be represented by a dash (-).

The problem you will face is having a unique identifier to match your data with the spotlight lighting device. Normally when you export from Spotlight you also export a unique identifier so that on import the unique identifier can be used to match incoming data with lighting devices in the document.

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If you are looking to import patch info into an existing plot, you'll run into the problem of spotlight not knowing which info goes to which instrument.  If you want to just import data, and have lights placed via the 3D coordinates from MA, this is possible, but will likely not place actual symbols since exported fixture names might not match symbols in the document.  In short...yes, it can be done.  But, it's not straightforward or automatic.

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