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DATA VISUALIZATIONS of Building Thermal Envelope

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Hi community,


Is there a way to visualize if given object (wall, door, window...etc) is/is not included in Energos calculation at this state of tool?

Or can ve visualize envelope by U or R value.


This would be really really welcome feature, but I cant to find criteria for that...

All i can find is Energos Label object. No mention of Energos values in wall, doors, windows parameters.


Thanks for answer.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

ThermalTransmittance is the way to go with this - you can map the Style U-Value in Data Manager. Have a look at default settings for Walls under ifcWallStandardCase Pset_WallCommon as Pat mentioned. You can use the same analogy and map U-Values for Slabs, Doors, Windows - any object that has a Style and a U-Value. 

You can then use this data as display criteria for Data Visualisation, but remember you can only display one criteria per viewport, so Slabs would need to be separate from Walls for example. Perhaps you can overlap viewports but not sure how that would look like.

See attached an example showing Data visualisation of Slabs by U-Value

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 12.56.12.png

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Thank you @Pat Stanford and @Luka Stefanovic for your involvement. I am progressing...

It looks to me as if U-value is taken into account only when it is actually automatically calculated from components lambda/thickness in style and not when U-value is set to override calculated value (my case)...?


Thank you anyway for your great tips on mapping in data manager and also multiple visualizations at the same time. 

Looking forward to use it in near future.

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