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Plant Worksheets - Plant spacing record value

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I may have seen a previous posting regarding this, but can't find it right now. Where do I pick up the plant record field that relates to the plant spacing?  Currently the field reflects the spread and not the spacing.When that gets summed up, it totals the calculated width of all the plants, not the distance that each plant is to be placed during installation  It's kind of like figuring out where the existing tree field 6 is located on the OIP.

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It appears that there are  three Spacing fields for Plant Objects.


'Plant'.'Row spacing'


'Plant Record'.'spacing'


I don't know which one is used for which purpose. Probably best to set up a test worksheet and put all three options in and see which has the data you need.



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I will be checking the permutations of “summarize” vs. “sum” today. I probably have one of them over-riding the other in another column. My goal is to sort by botanical name and total the full plant counts. If one of those settings isn’t right a triple dash shows in. An untouched column or the plants are listed as separate incidences.

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