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Texture transparency: semi-transparent pixels darken

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Here's an issue I've had for years... I'm curious if anyone knows why it happens or if there's a fix.


The basis of the problem is that areas of a texture that are semitransparent seem to also get darker in value when rendered. For example, here I have an image prop that is a soft-edged yellow circle (imagine perhaps it's the halo around a light or something). It should look like this:




But when rendered in Renderworks it looks like this:





The pixels should only range from yellow to white, where is that darkness coming from?


Vectorworks file: 






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It does seem to be something like that. Strange...

I wonder if someone from Vectorworks can elaborate on what's happening with the combo of the two images' pixels.


I should mention that I'm not typically using a simple solid-color image like in the example, but in this case changing the Color shader to plain Color would be a workaround.



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