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3D Connexion Spacemouse and CADMouse query


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Hello everyone!


Wondering if anyone can help me, I'm a bit confused. Not an unusual occurence to be fair!


I received my lovely spacemouse and cadmouse wireless kit today to use with Vectorworks 2020 and I'm just trying to get my head around the customisation.


I've looked around on various websites to find out how to customise the buttons and so forth, but in the customisation fields I can only see some basic commands, whereas on many of the videos there appear to be a huge list of commands to choose from. Are these ones people have done themselves or am I missing something? I'm on the latest drivers... :o(


I'm using this on a windows laptop.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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I cannot live without my space mouse. For windows, you need to go I tot the settings dialog and tick reverse for All the axes configuration and hopefully it’ll be you new best friend 🙂. I got the specemouse wireless pro, but have never bothered to use or configure the buttons...🤔

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The Spacemouse can store separate shortcut button configurations for each program. So you have to make sure that Vectorworks was active before the shurtcut configuration to program the buttons for it. The driver also shows you for which program you are currently configuring:


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@Aspect_Design Yeah, I'm digging the movements, going to make everything so much easier! Looking forward to getting used to it!! I'm really hoping the buttons wil make my life so much easier, particularly with the toolsets and also the radial menu is so cool!


@herbieherb Yeah, I love how smooth it is between all the programs, so quick! It does mean you have to be aware of what you have open so you don't get confused! it's the shortcut configuration area that is confusing me, the Vectoworks folder is there but it isn't populated with many shortcuts that I can see, particularly compared to what I've seen when researching online. I cam across a post on a forum where a user had mentioned that they had the 'default vectorworks' profile loaded and when they loaded the 'VW 2020' profile it was far better. Just no clue what this was about!

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