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Problem with Window Trim using Jamb Extension

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This is for the tech guys at VW.  Perhaps we could see a fix in upcoming service packs?

I've been toying with 3D window details such as using "Jamb Extensions" but I've noticed a glitch in how Interior trim interacts or positions itself in relation to the Jamb Extension.

I've attached a couple of screen picks to illustrate the problem.  I've never noticed this before as I've never used jamb extensions in earlier versions.  I used clip cube to show this issue from a right side position.  This is not an issue in top/plan view as seen in the second pic.  It also does not matter what type of window one illustrates; Casement, single hung etc.

ScreenHunter_58 Sep. 17 11.14.jpg

ScreenHunter_59 Sep. 17 11.15.jpg

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@Wes Gardner A quick update.  I adjusted my jamb width to 1/2".  Essentially matching my jamb extension and look what it does, it fixes the issue.  But this is not the result I want.

ScreenHunter_91 Jun. 02 11.00.jpg

When I set my Jamb width to about 4.5"  I actually create a more realistic effect of how a replacement window looks.  The jamb extension in many ways should be called a drywall return.

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@Markvl, can you post up the offending window file and I'll submit a bug.  Dunno if it's a trim issue, jamb extension issue, stool issue or some combination.  If you could include in the file, set up two scenarios - one where it's broken and one where it works OK.



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1 minute ago, Wes Gardner said:

@Markvl, it seems if I set the thickness of the jamb extension to LESS THAN the width of the jamb, I can get that "pocket" to occur.






Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 10.54.30 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 10.52.01 AM.png

Yes this is the exact problem.  I suppose you could submit this as a bug from your end.  Thanks for having a look @Wes Gardner

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Posted (edited)

The Jamb Extension in and of itself works as it should, its when applying Trim that the problem shows.  The trim will not align top and bottom as it does vertically.


I have to create my own trim to show properly.

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@Markvl, yup, problem is still there...I'll submit a bug...I tried it in a new blank file with a completely UNSTYLED wall and it seemed OK...obviously not!  Thank you for bringing this to our attention



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