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Possible to curve paving images?

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Hi all,


I'm doing a garden design, currently doing top plan, but colour rendered.  The design uses many circles and ideally I'd want the paving to follow the edge-line of the lawn to radiate as a circular pattern.


At the moment I'm using an 'image' fill of a type of paving which I like.  It is possible to somehow get it to shape other than straight lines?  If so how do you do this please?


I've attached an image. I'd like to make the paving at the bottom of the plan circular, following the curve of the lawn. I'd also like to be be able to do this for the level-change steps, and at the top area have that as a circular paving design.


Any advice would be much appreciated!

rendered garden1.png

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36 minutes ago, Mike Lamb said:

Have you tried the pavers-radial joint pattern option for hardscapes?


Hi Mike,


Thanks for the reply.  I'm not familiar with pavers-radial joint pattern option.  Please can you explain where to find that and how to use it?

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4 minutes ago, Mike Lamb said:

Hope this helps!


Thanks Mike, that's really helpful.  Got that working on my document now which is a great start!


A further question if I may though - it seems that any colour fill of the radial shape just sits underneath it, rather than recognising the radial blocks.  I was hoping to use one of the 'image' type shape fills to get a nice stone finish, but that ignores the radials.  Is there any way of getting the fill to adjust to the radials (hope that question makes sense?).  Otherwise looks like I'm limited to just filling it with a block colour.



radial with block fill.png

radial with image fill.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Marshallae, I don't think there is a way to wrap a texture to the curve of radial pavers.  You could also use a try a hatch or a pattern, something with uniformity, they will not follow the curve either, but they might give you the textured look you are looking for.  Set the fill opacity lower, maybe like 30 to 50 percent.


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@Marshallae Several of my projects involved arranging pavers on curved paths, and/or controlling color of individual pavers or areas of pavers.  We took a look at several techniques in a recent Paver Madness User Group zoom.


Here's Dropbox link to my v2020 file (≈30mb)

               Edit: File below, 3 posts down in this forum


Each layer has a separate technique with text and steps to produce curved and straight paver layouts:   Hatch and tile fills, that radial hardscape one, Duplicate along path, Move by Points, Duplicate Array (Circular & Rect), Parking Space Along Path (!!!), and some others.


Didn't do a few of the 3d options, but note that Create Surface Array can work in some situations, and the Deform/Bend tool can operate on a group of 3d objects such as 3d polys, or extrudes.


The designer's decision is whether to present joint lines or individual paver outlines.  The joints are very efficient, but on curved paths, they produce an imaginary curved edge to each paver.  Paver outlines take some effort and make bigger, "heavier" files - use symbols!


Post again if discussion needed for any of this.



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Dropbox link removed. File posted lower in forum.
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