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text by dimensions making bigger



I have a dimension to which I have linked a text style through my classes. I make a sheetlayer and I want to increase the sizes there in terms of text size. I select my viewport and go through classes to dimensions to adjust the text style there. But nothing happens, how can I ONLY make the dimensions and NOT all other text bigger in my sheetlayer?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Instead of putting the dimensions on the Design Layer, put them in the annotation section of the viewport. 

Double-click on geometry on the viewport, and choose Annotations.

Add the dimensions - they will be sized as you want.


If you put dimensions and any text on the design layer, it is a scalable item, just like the other geometry. Using the annotations space enables you to ensure consistency, and also manage which annotations are relevant to which viewport.

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Okay, that is a possibility, but I don't understand why a text style that I assigned to the dimensions cannot be controlled via the classes in the sheetlayer. For example, if I turn a wall brown in my design layer, I can turn it yellow through the classes in my sheetlayer, why do dimensions not listen to those classes in your presentation layer?

This is an existing drawing, so moving all dimensions to the annotations

is a bit more complicated, the more so if I choose copy and paste, the sizes are no longer associated with my walls.



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